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“This art is very unique and beautiful. It makes me feel relaxed !”


“For many months I've had in my office a MALTESTE photograph that never ceases to amaze me. This work of art I possess is a photo of a male lion, (Le Chef), taken at the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.

I can't count the number of times people have stopped to admire this piece of art and then inquire who did it. The PLEXI-ARTS finish is truly impressive. The colours, contrasts and resolution are quite simply staggering.

MALTESTE is an artist who (...)”

Serge – Boucherville

“Very inspirational !

Congratulation !”


“Your life must be even more beautiful than your pictures !

So lovely.”


“Absolutely beautiful !

How can anyone be so talented !”


“It is said that when one door closes, a window opens.

How beautiful the window to your gallery.

Thank you for the pleasure of eyes and the caress the soul.”

Caroline –

“What an amazing eye and talent that you posses.”

Tanya Payette –

“My hat's off to you.
Your photos are breathtaking !”

Aurélien Massiot – Rouen

“I want to express how much I LOVE the work of Malteste. I now own for pieces of his work and expect every time I come to Montreal I will buy another. You will not be sorry you invested in his work. Take it in and enjoy.

Jim Tranmer (USA)”

Jim Tranmer – Connecticut

“You are awesome !

Your pictures are stunning !!”

Angelica Cantada –
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