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CONTINUUM8k LED Image/Video walls

Now available for large-scale digital art installation and specifically created for home, public, corporate and luxury skyscrapers spaces and lobbies with the aim of achieving absolute visual and emotional impact.


Our UHD CONTINUUM8k LED Image/Video walls are available in any custom large-scale sizes and with its seamless ultra-fine pitch LED of less than 1 mm, ultra accurate Full HD, 4K or 8K resolutions is now possible.


For a continuous large-scale display of any favorite MALTESTE ICON Series artwork or time-lapse movies, this Giant mosaic of high-tech LED panels will address the specific need of high tech savvy art lover looking for something beautiful, technologically advanced and truly impressive.


Shipping worldwide using our proprietary PRO-TECH custom-made wood crates and for unique clients connoisseurs who wants maximum individuality and exclusivity, the artist will assist on site with the unpacking and installation of the complete system (with additional charges).


“Embracing the future and modernity with their large expressionist visual impact, they will emotionally move anyone in love with technology and our natural world.”



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