For sure, the very first time I visited Upper Antelope Canyon in 2010 is an experience I will never forget. 

The calm and serene atmosphere that emanates from this exceptional slot canyon is unique and unparalleled,  I have only felt similar feelings in churches. It is without a doubt one of the most spectacular and singular locations I've had the honor of visiting.

I had the opportunity for this photo expedition to be accompanied by two exceptional Navajo guides: Vernon and Gabriel. Without their precious help, I would never have captured this final result. 

My main objective was to capture a beam of light coming from the top of the slot canyon. At the beginning of the afternoon, we could see a light beam starting to form from top to bottom. To freeze the movement of dust in the light beam, I decided to use a longer exposure time than usual. I took three (3) shots and the end result confirmed that I had chosen the absolute perfect setups.

As I looked at my shots, I discovered to my disbelief, that I had captured in the light beam, a human form that looked like it was drawn from the ground. I showed this mystical shot to Gabriel. He became pale, emotional and speechless and told me his story:

“When I was a teenager, recklessly my best friend and I were playing and jumping over the top crack of this exact location in the slot canyon. Unfortunately, he slipped and falling off the 125 feet tall cliff face, killed himself instantly. I never quite recovered from this loss”.


The human form we can clearly see in the light beam looks like an angel standing with wings and arms outstretched to heaven.

For Gabriel and his friend's honor, I titled this artwork: Gabriel's Angel.

Priced at USD $30,000 one of our most special ICON Series artwork ever created (38AP), It is available in the size 48x72 in (122x198cm) ONLY and finished in Agx vintage silver halide photo paper / Plexi-Arts.

LEFT TO RIGHT SEQUENCE PHOTO CAPTURE DETAILS  /   May 23, 2010 at Upper Antelope Canyon, AZ.


LEFT: 14h:44m:44s  /  CENTER: 14h:44m:46s  /  RIGHT: 14h:44m:48s

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