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As an artist and for as long as I can remember, I always had this urgent need to visualize, think and create. 


From my formal college studies in fine art, a 3D design major at University to my self-taught work as an artist photographer, creativity with all it implies as always been a fascination and a constant necessity.


Since 1984 and with more than 30 years of experience and using the most modern tilt and shift optics and neutral filters currently available, my fine art artwork are the result of endless years of creative work and experimentation.


As modern as it can be, photography for me is above all a way to express and create my personal artistic vision. Looking at my fine art for the first time or not, my aim is to captivate the viewer and draw out new emotions and thoughts. My view of our world allows me to express my own original vision of our living natural world: It illustrates our natural world and its wildlife in its entire splendor.


My artwork focuses on nature’s fragile beauty and highlights what's at stake in the wake of our casual attitude towards it.


I sincerely wish you as much pleasure in the discovery of my art as I had in the making of it.

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