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Right from the beginning the mandate for this project was to create a fine art photograph for a bedroom. This custom-made should put the owner (male) in a very specific state of mind when waking up every morning, any time of the year.



On a large recessed wall of 10 feet high and 11 feet wide behind a king-size bed, I envisioned an artwork that would cover the whole wide wall as to immerse the large bed & its owner in it. The impact would be so strong as to put the viewer in the desired state of mind instantaneously.



Initially, the owner chose an artwork from the Signature series; a standard size waterfall scene in a panoramic format. But after been told by his maid that he deeply loved flowers as much as to buy fresh ones every week, I strongly suggested to go where his heart was and really take advantage of his full wall size. Since it was fully enclosed and recessed behind the bed, I suggested a large-scale artwork where he would be waking up every morning in his favorite giant flowers.


Full of excitement, he ordered on the spot a triptych 12x10 feet flower macro scene in an exclusive elusive edition of one (1/1) printed on vintage wet process photo paper finished in Plexi-Art (Plexiglas front & aluminum backing).



The only way for me to render a macro flower shot in such extreme size was to shoot many macro shots in a controlled setting & stitch them all together so to obtain a giant GigaPixel final shot. After 2 weeks of work, in optimizing choices of flowers, composition & lighting, I was able to present the client with 3 different shots so for him to choose the preferred one. All shots were quite interesting; choosing was not easy.



PRINT PREPARATION: For final production, since the final Artwork size could not be printed on one full 10x11 feet size, the final shot of more than 1,000 Megapixels was split into 3 equal sections.


PRINT PROCESS: For an impact-full 3D backlit effect, the 3 equal size artwork sections were then printed on the highest available PIXEL-ARTS2d photo paper currently available via an automated large-scale dark room machine.


PLEXI-ARTS2d MOUNTING: The 3 prints were then mounted in a sandwich between layers of 1/8inch (3mm) museum-grade clear Plexiglas and a sheet of aluminum composite. Precisely cut with an automated CNC machine, each 80 (36Kg) pounds panel were finally mounted on a custom made soldered P7000 aluminum subframes via specialized adhesives.

PACKING & SHIPPING: Custom made PROTECHx wood crates where custom manufactured for the transportation of panels, ancillary wall fixtures, and installation tools all shipped via an accredited international freight carrier.


CUSTOM INSTALLATION: Using nylon inserts, epoxy glue and aluminum custom made holding bars, two days were necessary to fix the 3 equal size fine art artwork panels to the bedroom wall.


With full impact, the large-scale end result speaks by itself (12x10 feet / 3.6x3 meter)


FROM START TO FINISH: An Ultra limited edition of one (1/1) custom-made large-scale fine art artwork created, manufactured & installed in 10 weeks.

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