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My girlfriend and I had just spent a sensational 7 days isolated together in a beautiful snowy winter on the gorgeous North coast in Quebec.


Returning from the airport and stuck in a violent snowstorm, oblivious to the risk I take driving on this winding road, I reflect on the chance I have to be here living these intense, productive and creative photography expeditions.


Upon my return, arriving finally at my tiny rental house off the coast of the Saint Lawrence River, I take notice of the beauty ahead of me; the sky is starting to be quite colorful and the ground is now fully covered by a very thick canopy of fresh snow.


Jumping on my snowshoes and picking up my camera bag, I scramble in the direction of a spectacular point of view that I had visited on a few occasions; this thick snow mixed with sunset colors could potentially create something quite beautiful.


After a few exhausting Kilometers, with my tilt and shift lens, neutral filters and camera ready, I’m up to my hips in this cold and fresh snow. Fully absorbed in the silence of this colorful moment, I wait patiently for an other elusive moment to capture.


Simultaneously and coming from nowhere, an intense pinkish-red color is accompanied by clouds that resemble a human profile. A few minutes later it’s obvious and right there in front of me; A PRESENCE IN THE SKY. I had hoped to capture a beautiful winter landscape but my efforts is rewarded by something absolutely unique that will certainly never happen again.

For the third time in my career, I captured not only a beautiful high-resolution image but also what I call, a mystical experience.

This unique high resolution capture 

is currently by far, our most rarest shot available

For a lucky and affluent Art collector, at an asking price of USD $120,000 & only one artwork (1/1) will ever be custom produced (CHROMALUX3d & ACRYLUX3d finish).

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