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Nature never ceases to amaze me with its sheer complexity, its vast oceans, arid deserts, and tropical forests. A constant enthrallment, I love and need to be surrounded and immersed in its scents, by the calm and serene beauty of our natural world. I love to stop, watch and contemplate. The essence of nature is essential to me as It constitutes the center pillar of my artistic work.


Our mother earth is tired, barely managing to provide for the insatiable appetites of humans. Because of modern activities, our world is now threatened by climate changes and natural disasters. We know for certain that humans have a negative impact on the environment; aren’t we all speeding up so to hit a wall faster than necessary? What will be the ultimate cost of this global nonsense? It is critical to be aware of the dangers that await us.


We are all using and unfortunately abusing and destroying our one and only Garden of Eden. In wanting to reverse this negative trend, we must be proactive and change our consumptions habits and with the next generation find new ways in which we can make a positive difference in the future. The attitude we will teach our offspring will be crucial in allowing us to continue to live on a healthy planet as this is the greatest gift we can leave to future generations.


My work allows me the privilege of witnessing the natural beauty that surrounds us and my art constitutes an eloquent example of nature's beauty and fragility and also shows the collective loss we will encounter if we continue with our global consumption attitude.


Hopefully, my large-scale and Giant large-scale nature artworks will help in immersing viewers into a new type of conscience, attitude, and actions.

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