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Malteste, purist photographer who uses specialized optical elements and filters, is among those artists moved by an undeniable inspiration and whose path reveals a global vision of the arts and their scope. Beyond the profound know-how of his media, the one who knew how to draw before he could walk, made his mark on the international scene as a master of the images by setting himself apart with his complete corporate structure: original photographs, numbered and in limited editions, of fauna, landscapes, private sophisticated galleries (unique in Canada), refined and superior print reproductions on true vintage photographic paper, with a distinguished and exceptional finish in PLEXI-ART and delivery everywhere on the planet with the help of special, custom made wood crates. Guided by a solid training background in the arts, Malteste transfers onto his prestigious photographs his love and passion for light, composition and color.

In the hands of the artist, led by a global vision in scrutinizing unique points of view that conjure palpable sentiments within the observer, his device transforms into a tool, a sophisticated paintbrush depicting an image that is both structured and animated all at once. The fruit of an artistic approach spanning over thirty years, the Malteste works of art are revealed as true parcels of infinite imprints of light and emotion. Their richness is a result of, among other factors, incredible chemistry between the strict selection of prime locations, the analysis of light and mastering the techniques of photography, combined with the use of perspective control lenses, optical elements and a large variety of neutral optical filters. In the rich, sumptuous and warm décor of Malteste gallery, you will be moved by photographic works of art representing fauna and nature in all of its splendor in medium, large and large-scale sizes.

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